January 19, 2018


2017 SAA Rotation

Arno Jacobi Primary: March 2017, Secondary Jan/Feb 2017 Kevin Pekarek Primary: April 2017, Secondary Feb/March 2017 Arno Jacobi Primary: May 2017, Secondary March/April 2017 Steve Knickerbocker- June 2017, Secondary April/May 2017 Don Galimore-July 2017, Secondary May/June 2017 Karl M-Aug. 2017, Secondary June/July 2017 Mark Burns-Sept. 2017, Secondary July/Aug 2017 Paul Holmgren-Oct. 2017, Secondary Aug./Sept. 2017 […]


The Sergeants at Arms

The Sergeants at Arms, aka the SAA, are charged with enforcing the MML rules. Their activities include reminding folks to trim .sigs and quotes, tracking and reporting spammers, and giving the boot to egregious violators.   Sometimes known as the Brute Squad, the Sergeants at Arms are three Admin list members, drawn from a rotating […]

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