February 21, 2018


Vehicle Inspection Form

Developed in-house by our very own Geoff Gariepy, this is the most jim dandy list of things you should check out on a car before you buy.  Licensed for personal use only please, contact Geoff for commercial use. Get the PDF



The MML is operated by volunteers. This is a list of those that have volunteered their time and other resources handle some of the most important aspects of the MML’s operation. This page also serves as a big “Thank You” to everyone listed here for everything they do to keep the MML the great resource […]


Coker Tire

CLUB DISCOUNT: Tires Contact: Coker Tire www.coker.com (800) 251-6336 Dave Strangand dave.stragand@forwardlook.net We are a go for the Club Discount (10-15%) on tires at Coker Tire, so if you need tires, now is a great time to get them! Here’s what you need to do to get the discount: Go to Coker Tire and select […]

Chamber of Commerce

HEI Conversion Bracket

CUSTOM PARTS: HEI Conversion Bracket   Contact: nuttallclan@juno.com www.designed2drive.com (818) 737-7773   HEI conversion bracket for Mopar electronic distributors. This bracket mounts a GM HEI ignition module to the bottom of any Chrysler V8 electronic distributor directly below the vacuum advance canister to keep it out of the way. This eliminates the need to mount […]

Chamber of Commerce

Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare: An American Car Story

BOOK: Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare: An American Car Story   Contact: http://www.lulu.com/content/197928   New book: Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare: An American Car Story by Tony Dzik. Available now from Lulu.com. To view info about the book, please go to http://www.lulu.com/content/197928   Thank you for your consideration, Tony Dzik

Chamber of Commerce

The MML Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce allows MML members to advertise their businesses to other MML members. Once a month, an email is sent with messages from all businesses that wish to advertise to the list.   These messages are not in any particular order, and the MML is not recommending you do business with these vendors; […]

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2017 SAA Rotation

Arno Jacobi Primary: March 2018, Secondary Jan/Feb 2018 Kevin Pekarek Primary: April 2018, Secondary Feb/March 2018 Arno Jacobi Primary: May 2018, Secondary March/April 2018 Steve Knickerbocker- June 2018, Secondary April/May 2018 Don Galimore-July 2018, Secondary May/June 2018 Karl M-Aug. 2018, Secondary June/July 2018 Mark Burns-Sept. 2018, Secondary July/Aug 2018 Paul Holmgren-Oct. 2018, Secondary Aug./Sept. 2018 […]


The Sergeants at Arms

The Sergeants at Arms, aka the SAA, are charged with enforcing the MML rules. Their activities include reminding folks to trim .sigs and quotes, tracking and reporting spammers, and giving the boot to egregious violators.   Sometimes known as the Brute Squad, the Sergeants at Arms are three Admin list members, drawn from a rotating […]

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The MML Admin List

The MML tries to keep club business off of the main list. The MML Admin List was created to discuss club business. It is used to discuss club rules, changes proposed by the list administrators, and SAA activities among other things. Joining the MML Admin List The MML Admin List is a Mailman-hosted email listserv. […]

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